London Is The Most Plastic Conscious Region In The UK

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London Is The Most Plastic Conscious Region In The UK

It may not surprise you to learn that London is the most environmentally conscious, particularly when it comes to plastic use.

Ubamarket, the innovative retail tech app, has discovered that London is the most plastic conscious region in the UK.

Climate change is real — and it’s affecting the planet at a terrifying rate. We must act, else we’ll be headed to Worst Case Scenario before we can say “fine, I’ll have my G&T without the straw”.

One of the main contributors to climate change is plastic waste. And it goes way beyond straws and carrier bags. Following reports that the amount of pollution produced per household is increasing by 30% year on year, Ubamarket decided to dig out consumer’s attitudes towards plastic waste.

A huge 84% of Londoners agree that “the level of plastic packaging on food and drink products is wholly unnecessary and needs to be changed drastically.”

41% of Londoners agree that, although they’d like to be more environmentally conscious, they feel they don’t know enough about recycling and plastic pollution to make informed decisions about their purchases. 66% say that they wish they could buy more environmentally friendly products but they feel that they are too expensive.

That said, the majority of Londoners (52%) have said that they now actively look to purchase products that have less of an impact on the environment, even if they cost more.

Ubamarket have launched a fantastic new initiative: ‘Plastic Alerts’. This allows you to scan an item before you buying it; revealing exactly how much plastic is in it, as well as whether it’s recyclable or not. Ultimately, this will lead consumers to more environmentally friendly alternatives.

In other news, these pollution-eating solar panels could help fight climate change.

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