London Has Been Put On National COVID ‘Watchlist’ Following A Rise In Cases

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London Has Been Put On National COVID ‘Watchlist’ Following A Rise In Cases

London has just been added to the government’s COVID-19 watchlist.

Coronavirus cases are continuing to rise in the capital, which has led to London being added to a national watchlist. This list is updated weekly and recognises local authorities with higher infection rates. 620 cases have been reported across London in the last 24 hours, which is more than double what they were at the beginning of the week, and all boroughs have been called out as areas of concern.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan announced the news on Twitter, along with a statement which reads: “London is at a very worrying tipping point right now. We’re seeing a sharp rise in 111 calls, hospital admissions, and patients in ICU.

“The near collapse of test and trace and the resurgence of the virus means new measures to slow its spread were absolutely necessary.

“Testing capacity was diverted away from London in the last two weeks to other national hot spots and weekly testing numbers are now down 43 per cent in the capital since mid-August. The lack of testing capacity is totally unacceptable and it is why London has been added to the Government’s coronavirus watchlist as an area of concern. Ministers simply have to get a grip. It’s vital that testing capacity is increased immediately in London and focused in the areas it is needed most. Any delay will mean letting the city down and will cost lives.”


While it may seem like we’re headed towards a local lockdown, as we’ve seen in other high incidence areas, local authorities have decided to bypass any further restrictions for now. Instead they are calling for residents to follow the new rules imposed on Tuesday, September 22. (Here they are, if your memory needing jogging.)


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