9 Signs To Make You Laugh, Sigh Or Run Faster At The London Marathon

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While the London Marathon runners are the main event, the sidelines bring some entertainment too.

The Virgin Money London Marathon is back, with 100,000 runners taking to Central London’s streets for a gruelling 26.2-mile route. Whether you’ve been preparing since the last mass participation event in April 2019, or been in hardcore training for just a few months, all runners can do with some support on Sunday, October 3 – that’s where the spectators come in.

While there are some restrictions on crowds this year, you can still show your support in a number of ways, from donating to charities that the participants are running for, to sending messages of support. You can even check out sportswear brand On’s free marathon-inspired event. And, if you do have a runner to support and are heading down to the route, let us inspire you with some witty and wonderfully supportive spectator signs.

1. Man’s best friend really does know best

2. 26.2 miles of pure excellence

3. For those who’d rather watch from the sofa than the sidelines

4. Cheeky IRL Bumble?

5. An easy mistake

6. A marathon version of hair of the dog

7. Vaseline, anyone?

8. It’s your prerogative *shrug*

9. Quite simply…

Catch the London Marathon coverage on BBC1 from 10am and BBC2 from 8am on Sunday, October 3, and find out more about the race here.

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