A Teeny Tiny Pub Has Just Opened On The London Eye

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Pub Pod

Honestly, I’m surprised a pub on the London Eye hasn’t happened sooner.

Believe it or not, the London Eye turned twenty-one years old in March – and like any self-respecting 21 year-old, they’re heading to the pub. Or more accurately, they’re bringing the pub to them, for one of the Eye’s pods has just been transformed into London’s tiniest boozer, codenamed the Pub Pod. The fully-functioning bar rotates slowly as the Eye turns, offering you and your chosen pals a 30-minute stay in the city’s tiniest pub. It’s also the highest pub in town, at least for the brief moments you’re at the top…

Pub Pod

It’s not the first time the London Eye has welcomed a pub to one of its 32 famous pods; a brief pop-up in March last year transformed twenty of the pods in honour of the landmark’s twentieth birthday, with one of them being The King Vic pub. However, we all need a little fun after, you know, everything else that happened since then, so the team at the lastminute.com London Eye have decided to bring the Pub Pod back.

They’ve partnered with Beefeater Gin to run the drinks, which I suppose is pretty on-brand given that you can see Buckingham Palace from atop the Eye. That means gin cocktails, including peach & raspberry flavoured gin tipples, plus beer and wine. You’ll be able to toast the city skyline as you rotate around the Eye, and catch some of those 360° views we’ve been denied for too long!

Pub Pod

The Pub Pod will be open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, and you’ll need to pre-book in advance here to get in. (Standard tickets to the London Eye can be found here.) At £55 per person, it’s not cheap either – but then again, when else are you going to get the chance to raise a glass at London’s only rotating pub?

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