London Dog Gets Stuck On Roof, Realises Terrible Mistake, Gets Rescued, Says Thanks

Guy Parsons Guy Parsons

Dog rescued roof London

Three-year-old Staffordshire terrier Willow was a very naughty dog but also a good dog.

Adorable dum-dum Willow managed to clamber onto her own roof on Hackney’s Alkham Road last Sunday, June 23. [All photos: @LondonFire]

Here she is, realising she has done herself A Big Stupid:

Dog stuck on roof
‘oh no’

She scrambled through a window in a converted loft space but was unable, thanks to her small yet lovely dog mind, to find a way back in. After several hours of searching for her, the owners discovered a disconsolate Willow peering off the top of their home, and asked the fire brigade to come and mount a daring rescue.

Ladder fire engine roof

Calling on teams from Stoke Newington and Forest Hill, the ninety-minute mission required an aerial ladder platform to reach the confused pooch. Firefighter Richard Kirby was the chap to talk some sense into Willow and return her to ground/dog level.

Dog rescue return owner

Because Willow is a very good dog, she was also careful to say Thanks.

Dog grateful rescue fire brigade

Mistakes were made. Snuggles were given. And so the circle of life continues. Dogs of London: do NOT go on the roof. No. I said NO. Don’t! Don… oh for fucksake.

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