Dive Into London’s Criminal Underworld With This Immersive Experience

Holly Platt-Higgins Holly Platt-Higgins

Dive Into London’s Criminal Underworld With This Immersive Experience

Travel back to the twenties and try your hand at a territorial take over

If you’ve always fancied yourself as a little bit of a gangster, then COLAB’s brilliant immersive experience is sure to be right up your street. Grab your suit and your flat-caps – and get your tickets here – because it’s time to get stuck into the seedy underworld of Elephant and Castle’s coolest criminals when Crooks 1926 returns on May 21.

A note before we begin, though – if you’re thinking “how can I possibly do an immersive experience in the time of a pandemic?”, then rest assured. COLAB’s experience is perfectly safe, as social distancing guidelines and improved hygiene measures have been put in place to keep participants safe. The only people you’ll be within two metres of will be the members of your group, so perhaps choose people from your household as your team.

Apart from the precautions, feel free to unleash your inner cockney as you become part of one family’s brutal battle for supremacy. Remember, bargains are made to be broken and you should do whatever it takes to come out on top. In this immersive experience you’ll make and break alliances, do some dodgy deals and walk that very thin line between life and death.

Either play as a team or go it alone as you head to the races, have your fortune told and fix bets at the boxing. In this life, there are no rules and the only important thing is for you to orchestrate the grand territorial takeover of London. Are you up to the challenge?

In their most impressive immersive experience to date, COLAB have created a fantastic production which unflinchingly builds in tension and intensity. Sure to get your heart racing, this pulsing narrative, in combination with detailed game mechanics, is nothing short of electric.

Curating a unique experience every time, you are truly the master of your fate as you try to manoeuvre yourself through the many twists and turns of the criminal underworld. Become a Blinder as you rub shoulders with the likes of Alfie White, broker an alliance with The West End Boys and suss out the Italian Godfather Sabini.

Will you get involved with devious traitors? Will you ever reach the top? Will you trust the wrong people? Whatever you do, the fate of London lies in your hands. Embrace your inner crook at this incredible immersive experience and see which of you is really in charge.

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