There Are Now Over 100 Coronavirus Cases In London

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Coronavirus count cases London

104 Londoners have confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus, it was announced today.

It’s a 14% increase on yesterday’s figure of 91. The most affected boroughs now are…

Kensington & Chelsea: 15 cases
Southwark: 9
Barnet: 8
Camden: 7
Westminster: 6
Ealing: 5
Hounslow: 5
Lambeth: 5
Tower Hamlets: 4
Hackney: 3
Lewisham: 3
Wandsworth: 3
Hammersmith and Fulham: 3
Havering: 2
Merton: 2
Sutton: 2

There are now a total of 456 cases in the United Kingdom, up 22% from yesterday.

London is the most heavily affected area in England, followed by the rest of the South-East:

London: 104 cases
South East: 60
South West: 44
North West: 43
Midlands: 42
East of England: 32
North East and Yorkshire: 32

In New York City, 36 cases have been discovered, while in the wider Madrid region, there are over 1,000, triggering widespread school and workplace closures.

The NHS recommends that anyone returning from certain countries self-isolate for 14 days, while self-isolation is recommended for a longer list of countries if people develop symptoms. Find out more.

According to the official 111 service, the NHS is still only providing testing for those returning from certain ‘hot spots’, or who have had known contact with someone else with the illness. If you just exhibit the symptoms, but don’t match the other criteria, you won’t be able to get a test.

Also: wash your hands!

Update: March 11, 6pm – the case incidence by borough was updated with the latest figures.

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