London’s Glamorous Cabaret Club Has Returned With A Seductive New Show

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London’s Glamorous Cabaret Club Has Returned With A Seductive New Show

The London Cabaret Club offers a night you’ll never forget!

Lockdown was woefully short on the ol’ razzle dazzle, wasn’t it? Happily, The London Cabaret Club are opening their doors again from June 4, and they’ll be putting that to rights in short order. To celebrate their return, The London Cabaret Club have unveiled a glamorous new show guaranteed to thrill and excite in equal measure. It’s called ‘London Never Dies’, and pays homage to the fascinating history of British espionage with dinner, cabaret, and other high-quality entertainment acts. You can find your tickets here, and read on for more!

London Cabaret Club

London Never Dies’ continues a proud tradition for The London Cabaret Club, who routinely draw on the rich heritage of British culture to produce their unforgettable shows. This time, it’s the business of espionage getting the cabaret treatment. Partly inspired by the exploits of James Bond, and adapted from The London Cabaret Club’s popular Exquisite Show, this experience features dinner, DJs, and some truly spectacular performances.

London Cabaret Club

There’s an undeniable glamour to the world of espionage, one which feeds our continuing obsessions with spies and secrets. Taking this as the basis of ‘London Never Dies’, The London Cabaret Club will deliver a special evening, with pre-show entertainment leading into an excellent dinner service. After that, the main event begins, with two and half hours of jaw-dropping choreography, talented singers, and fabulous dancers and specialty acts proving once and for all that London truly never dies.

The show will run every Friday and Saturday night from June 4 until November, and with three exclusive ticket packages available, you can tailor the evening to your standards. For instance, the Silver Ticket provides you with the pre-show entertainment and main cabaret performance, the Gold Ticket adds a three-course meal on top, and the Diamond Ticket features VIP seating, a four-course meal, and a cocktail during the show. Our advice? Treat yourself!

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