This London Bus Stop Has Been Turned Into A Children’s Art Gallery

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor

Bus stop gallery

The bus stop gallery is brightening up life in lockdown.

One of the more joyous things to emerge from the UK lockdown has been the proliferation of children’s art, which has been filling windows and pavements across the capital. Rainbows, messages of hope, and thanks for the NHS have been a common sight where I live (although I reserve a special mention for the kid who decided to draw coronavirus all over the pavements), and one London parent has taken it a step further – by transforming a Turnham Green bus stop into a gallery of children’s art. (Featured image: @busstopgallery)

Local resident Sarah Lamarr and her daughter/artist-in-residence Rosie commandeered the bus stop near their house, and transformed it into a mini-gallery full of community creations. What started as a way to avoid looking at a drab bus stop has quickly become a lovely local project, with residents invited to draw their own creations and add them to the gallery. If you’re not near Turnham Green, you can check out the gallery online, with creations displayed on the @busstopgallery Instagram page.

I honestly love this, and would gladly see it spread across London and beyond. Indeed, it seems to have sparked something already, as the Instagram account is now showing further galleries appearing in Chiswick and over in France, along with another Turnham Green gallery. You know what they say: you wait ages for a London bus stop gallery, and then several come along at once…

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