The London Borough With The Most Vegan Options Has Been Revealed

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The London Borough With The Most Vegan Options Has Been Revealed

It’s a new year and you might be thinking about actually starting to fulfil your resolutions now. Whether it’s putting down the bottle for Dry January or fitting in a few more workouts, many choose this time for some self-care in, let’s face it, a pretty grey and miserable month (in the UK, at least).

A popular choice across the board is also Veganuary, in which you solemnly swear to eat no meat or dairy for (at least) 31 days. If you’ve never ventured into vegan cookery before, you might be running out of ideas, so it’s a good thing you live in a city awash with some of the tastiest vegan food around.

But where should you be heading in London if you wish to find a healthy selection of these restaurants? We have an answer. The London Borough with the most vegan options has been named in a study, and it is – *drumroll please* – Tower Hamlets!

According to a study by B-Well CBD, the east London borough as taken the crown with a hefty 741 vegan options to try, as well as 824 veggie options to boot. Impressively, this saw off the more central City of London borough, which boasts 691 vegan options and 761 vegetarian.

B-Well CBD carried out the study by sifting through Deliveroo for each area, gauging which had the biggest variety of vegan plates. Coming just behind the top two were Islington, Kensington and Chelsea, Hackney and Camden.

If you’re a resident of Barking and Dagenham, however, you may wish to look away now. This borough ranked last of the London boroughs, offering just 33 vegan options and 121 vegetarian.

B-Well CBD are a premium CBD oil, health and wellness store in the UK.

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