Unleash Your Inner 007 At The Vaults’ Latest Immersive Dining Experience

Holly Platt-Higgins Holly Platt-Higgins

Live and let dine

Will it leave you shaken or stirred?

Unfortunately, Waterloo Vaults have taken the decision to cancel this event due to the coronavirus outbreak.

If you look rather dapper in a suit, like your martinis shaken, not stirred, and spend your free time behaving in a slightly questionable manner with outrageously good looking women, then you’re well on your way to being one of Britain’s most beloved agents already. All you need now is an espionage-fuelled immersive dining experience to really bring your 007 to life. Thankfully, we’re here to tell you about Live and Let Dine, for which tickets are available here.

From the creators of 5 star Game of Thrones spoof murder mystery Dinner is Coming, The Vaults brings you a brand new, immersive dining experience, launching on April 8th: Live and Let Dine. Sure to keep you on your toes, see if you can stay suave whilst an evening of mystery unfolds.

The Vaults are known to host some wild and wacky immersive experiences, with previous events inspired by The Twits and Alice in Wonderland. Mixing food, intrigue, performance and murder, Live and Let Dine is the perfect example of everything they can do.

The story? MI6’s most enigmatic agent has been MIA for 6 months and now, he’s been presumed dead. So you and the other agents head to a feast, in a secret underground bunker, to mourn the lost agent and celebrate the newly appointed 007, Jen de Paygap.

But keep your wits about you: this is no ordinary funeral. And a good agent knows that no matter how many martinis you drink, you’ve always got to stay alert…

Immersive Dining Experience

While you try and decipher where the danger lies around the dinner table, feel free to tuck into the array of delicious dishes on offer. From Rest in Peas (courgette carpaccio with beans, peas, olive soil, wild garlic and toasted walnuts) to His Lime Has Come (an olive oil, lime, and almond cake served with dark chocolate ganache and a coconut and lemongrass gel), there’s plenty for you to fuel your inner fight. But wait, could this mouthwatering-menu have a hidden meaning? Only time will tell…

Stylish, sophisticated and saturated with suspense, Live and Let Dine is the ultimate immersive dining experience for anyone looking to embrace the secret agent inside them.

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