These Intimate Classical Concerts Explore The Life And Music Of Beethoven

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These Intimate Classical Concerts Explore The Life And Music Of Beethoven

Join The Little Orchestra for a fabulous celebration of classical music – but not as you know it.

How do you honour Beethoven on the 250th anniversary of his birth? The conventional thinking is a tribute concert, but that simply wouldn’t do for renowned music aficionados The Little Orchestra. Because really, the only proper way to honour such a titan of music is a year-long exploration of the famed composer’s life and career, featuring no less than eleven intimate yet mesmerising concerts set in some of London’s most atmospheric venues. It’s an unmissable celebration of the legendary composer’s work, and you can grab your tickets to the first two concerts here.

Through a series of intimate performances of Beethoven’s symphonies and smaller pieces, The Little Orchestra will take guests on a detailed journey along the timeline of his life. Putting a casual twist on the classic classical concert, each of these events will be an intimate and atmospheric affair. There’ll be chilled vibes, themed menus that cater to all, and fantastic bespoke cocktails and mocktails available until late.

The epic year-long journey begins with “Childhood” at Battersea Arts Centre on January 24th & 25th, which will explore Beethoven’s younger years. By playing his very early compositions and pieces from key influences such as Bach and Mozart, The Little Orchestra set the stage for a magical year of music, showcasing the early genius of a man who’d go onto define classical music.

On February 21st and 22nd, it’s time for “Early Years in Vienna” at Porchester Hall, which will partly recreate Beethoven’s first concert in Vienna. This is where you’ll experience Beethoven’s Symphony No. 1, a piece which heralded the arrival of a shining new star.

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It’s a very special chance to experience classical music in an entirely new way. The compering conductor, Nicholas Little, will guide you through the music and reveal some fascinating stories along the way, giving even complete beginners something to listen out for. Not only that, but each of the venues will be transformed with stunning lighting and set design, and there’ll also be a fantastic selection of food and themed cocktails to add to the casual, cosy vibe.

While these things are usually experienced in a church or concert hall, The Little Orchestra is not quite so formal. Instead, everything is much less intimidating and a lot more intimate, and you’ll sit within touching distance of the action. Truly, it’s the most magical way to experience classical music.

Stick around for the afterparties, otherwise known as soirées, and you’ll get a chance to mix and mingle with the musicians, as well as tucking into more cocktails (we know what you’re like). It’s a 250th birthday party, after all, so you’ve got the perfect excuse to indulge!

Tickets cost £30 and you can purchase them here

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