This Lovely Literary Tube Map Shows The Locations Of London’s Best Books

Literary tube map

The literary tube map: useless at getting you to Maida Vale, but rather nice for book-lovers.

You may have heard about the book fairies leaving literature on the Tube, but this takes the literary takeover one step further. The Literary Tube Map of London replaces stations with great works of literature, based on the area in which they’re set. So let’s find out how to get from Mrs Dalloway to Great Expectations, shall we? (See a large-scale version of the map here)

The map is the creation of In The Book, whose day job is creating personalised storybooks for kids – although I think Tube nerds like you lot will probably get more out of the map, TBH. In the new map, Tottenham Court Road has become A Tale of Two Cities, Balham is now Atonement, and Southwark is reborn as The Canterbury Tales.

Literary tube map

Ruling the roost amongst authors is noted London lover Charles Dickens, with no fewer than seven of his novels represented. Graham Greene, Zadie Smith, and Martin Amis also make multiple appearances on the map, which seems to feature a new work each time you look.

The literary tube map is a fascinating one to pore over, but I’d advise against using it as a navigational tool. For instance, London Fields appears, but it’s referring to the Martin Amis novel set around High Street Kensington, rather than the BBQ-friendly park out east. Honestly, Bank was confusing enough without renaming it!

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