Soho’s Fab Italian Deli Is Raising Money For Hospitality Staff Who’ve Lost Their Jobs Recently

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Lina Stores fundraiser

Lovely Lina Stores has been a London fixture for over 75 years, and they’re doing wonderful work during our current crisis.

Lina Stores would have a place in our hearts if they were just a brilliant deli, or an excellent pasta restaurant. But since they’re both, and have also launched a fundraising appeal to feed hungry Londoners during the coronavirus pandemic, they’re quickly become London legends. The donation page, which was set up with an initial goal of £20,000, has smashed the fundraising target, so Lina Stores are now setting their sights on feeding 20,000 people – and they need your help! (Featured image: @food_feels)

The plan goes like this: you chip in some money (as much as you feel able to give). With that money, Lina Stores will whip up delicious pasta and sauces, and then distribute them free of charge to hospitality staff who have been made redundant by bar and restaurant closures, along with members of at risk groups.

All the money donated goes towards supplies and staff who’ll produce the food, and if the feeling of doing good wasn’t quite enough, anyone who donates £20 or more will get 20% off during the reopening period of Lina Stores. With the £20,000 target having been met, Lina Stores reckon they can make around 8000 meals – but, never short on ambition, they’ve revised their goal to now try and make 20,000 meals, which requires a pot of £50,000. They’re also planning to keep backers updated on how the work is going via their Instagram page.

It’s really noble work, and if you’d like to help, you can donate to the cause here. Otherwise, just spread the good news and let’s help them feed London!

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