Sing Your Heart Out At This ‘Les Mis’ Sing-Along Screening With Bubbly And Bottomless Popcorn

April Curtin April Curtin


No you’re not dreaming a dream… this is actually happening!

Singing our hearts out to Les Misérables and stuffing our faces with popcorn… is there much else we could ask for?

Join Jean Valjean and Inspector Javert for this one-off special of sing-along screenings. This is your chance to belt out the bangers from everyone’s favourite film adaptation of Victor Hugo’s classic… and all without any judgement!


It’s only what we’ve been doing at home anyway, so why not do it with UNLIMITED popcorn and FIVE drinks vouchers each?

Your Fever ticket will get you the popcorn and drink vouchers, which we’re sure will give you the sing-along sugar rush you need.

And if that isn’t enough to get your singing voice ready, upgrade to a gold ticket for a whole bottle of bubbly, on top of the drinks and popcorn you already have! Result!


If you haven’t seen the Les Mis movie already – you’re in for an absolute treat. This epic cast of stars is certain to impress: from Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe to Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfriend and Helena Bonham Carter.


Whirled Cinema’s location is sure to get you feeling in character too. A little off the beaten track, this secluded movie house is hidden away inside a railway arch at Loughborough Junction – just a stone’s throw from Brixton and Herne Hill. One of South London’s best-kept secrets, and the perfect spot for those top notes!

Buy your tickets through Fever now, and receive 20% off your next two Fever purchases! 🎉


So come and ‘Drink With Me’ for ‘One Day More’, and become a Les Mis star at this Saturday sing-along cinema spectacular! ⭐️

The Les Misérable Sing-Along Screening is taking place on Saturday 28 September at Whirled Cinema, Loughborough Junction, London. The film will be shown multiple times throughout the day, and tickets can be bought here.

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