21 Legends Who Are Tackling Isolation In The Most Weird And Wonderful Ways

Marco Ruiz Marco Ruiz

21 Legends Who Are Tackling Isolation In The Most Weird And Wonderful Ways

Isolation is no easy feat…

So, as the days slowly begin forming into weeks, we have found ourselves looking for inspiration around the world from people in lockdown. And to be honest, it’s clear that there are some people that are, without a fight or contest, simply better at this whole quarantine business than many of us. So, take resolve from these legends and continue the good fight from your home.

1. Chin, chin!

2. Lesson learnt: the cat always wins, even when it doesn’t.

3. And the turtle? Well, the turtle doesn’t really care.

4. Bored of video games?

5. Remember, it’s important to find joy in the simplest of things.

6. This family have truly won the internet.

7. And, well, er… this is something.

8. The ‘Dad of the Lockdown’ award goes to…

9. You have to admire this guy’s enterprising spirit.

10. Are the Virtual Cat Olympics a thing yet?

11. Or the Doggolympics? (Perhaps better named the ZOOMies?)

Not sure these two would make the team though…

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12. This guy has frankly outdone Mary Poppins.

13. And this guy has formed a world class football team.

14. I love cheap thrills, and this was EXHILARATING.

Who needs Netflix?

15. Apparently it takes a global pandemic to get neighbours to talk to each other—albeit through a window.

16. This is truly outstanding…

17. I now pronounce you man and… wait, what?!

18. This guy, who ran a MARATHON in his SIX METRE back garden.

20. I am so here for this stage of lockdown.

19. This guy who is pretty much Phil Collins…

21. And, finally, this legend getting to know his delivery drivers a little better.

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