Hunt A Killer Through Tutankhamun’s Tomb In This Gripping Murder Mystery

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Legend of Tutankhamun

Sift through the sand and lies to uncover the murderer in this daring murder mystery experience.

It’s the most exciting discovery of a generation, but unfortunately the daring archaeologist who unearthed the truth about the legend of Tutankhamun won’t be around to share in the glory. That’s because he now lies dead in Cairo Hospital, supposedly struck down by the curse laid down by Tutankhamun himself. Or was he? For whispers and rumours hint that it could be murder, which is why Fever are calling on your detective skills to solve the case. Find your tickets here!

Legend of Tutankhamun

One thing’s for certain: the Egyptologist stumbled across a secret, but whether it’s a hidden grudge, a salacious love affair, or indeed an ancient curse is for you to decide. You’ll be digging for information amongst the Egyptian sands, interrogating a group of suspects (each with their own shadowy motives), deciphering clues, and finding the murderer – before the curse strikes you down too.


You’ll need to keep all your wits about you, and make use of the actors who’ll be guiding you through this most perplexing murder mystery. Just remember though: time flies in the tomb of a pharaoh, and Tutankhamun is in no rush to give up his secrets…

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