Tonight Will Be London’s Last 7pm Sunset Until March 2022

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

Tonight Will Be London’s Last 7pm Sunset Until March 2022

Summer may not be officially over yet (still one more day!), but those long summer nights are definitely winding down…

Tonight (September 21), London’s sunset will be at 7pm — and it will be the last sunset on or after 7pm until March 2022! According to tracking site Time And Date, the sun will bid farewell at 7pm on the dot, making it the last of the year. September 22 will enjoy a measly 6.58pm sunset, fittingly on the first day of Autumn!

Of course, days won’t be quite as short as they will be after the clocks go back in October, but they will get darker much faster. The next 7pm Sunday will come when we sacrifice an hour’s kip for longer days at the end of March 2022, when we wave goodbye to daylight savings for another seven months.

Despite the shortening days, London is predicted to see some temperatures over the 20-degree mark, so we can’t say we’re too mad about all things up in the sky at the moment. Buy hey, Autumn technically kicks off on September 22 so we can get those awesome photos among the leaves very soon. Summer ’21, we barely knew you!

Of course, there’s still time to make the most of your last days of summer (and getting ready for fall)! Check out our guide of the best things to do in London this September!

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