Inside The UK’s First Vegan “Cheesemonger” • La Fauxmagerie

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Inside The UK’s First Vegan “Cheesemonger” • La Fauxmagerie

London is home to the UK’s very first 100% plant-based cheesemonger.

La Fauxmagerie, London’s dairy-free hotspot, opened last year to the pure joy of vegans and the absolute disdain of dairy farmers. Found in the heart of Shoreditch, the shop is packed full of “cheeses” that are perfect for a fauxmage feast.

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La Fauxmagerie’s offerings are all made from plant-based sources such as coconut oil and blended cashews; there are melty cheeses, spreadable cheeses, gratable cheeses – pretty much anything you could hope for. They come from incredible, dedicated artisans from all over the country, including Kinda Co., I Am Nut Ok, Tyne Chease, and Black Arts Vegan.

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And they don’t stop at cheese, either. La Fauxmagerie also sells a selection of vegan preserves, breads and accoutrements – lovely little bits to complete your dairy-free cheeseboard.

Founded by sisters Rachel and Charlotte Stevens, who are both avoiding dairy for different reasons, La Fauxmagerie was created in a bid to satisfy their own (and everyone else’s) cheesy cravings, without having to compromise on flavour.

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Inside the shop, they ensure that every product is 100% animal and animal derivative free. Everything is also totally free from plastic and is always recyclable/biodegradable, right down to their cheese paper.

Back in their old digs in Brixton they had queues frequently spilling out the door, so they headed east for a spot in Shoreditch that’s four times the size of the old location. The upside—aside from more delicious, plant-powered cheese—is that the new shop is big enough for vegan cheese and wine evenings, which we’re very much on board with.

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Meanwhile, in an odd yet unsurprising turn of events, the dairy industry has kicked off about the use of the word ‘cheese’, saying it will mislead customers. If you’re asking me, it seems pretty unlikely that a person would buy fake cheese by mistake, so I reckon these people are just after a bit of drama. You’re still allowed to call gluten free bread, ‘bread’, aren’t you?

Location: 20 Cheshire Street, Shoreditch, E2 6EH. Nearest station is Shoreditch High Street. See it on Google maps.
Opening times: Wednesday to Friday, 12pm–7pm. Saturdays, 11am–7pm. Sundays, 11pm–6pm. Closed Mondays and Tuesdays.
Price: varies.
Find out more: on their website.

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