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Time travelling mice and popcorn on tap put Minimix amongst the quirkiest cocktail bars in London.

You can call Minimix many things, but you can’t call it dull. The new opening at The Megaro Hotel in King’s Cross is a steampunk-inspired space which claims to be the world’s largest minibar. And whilst the name may make it sound like a Little Mix tribute band, Minimix is actually a fun little place for a drink.

Photo: @cmnit

For starters, the bar isn’t just in the hotel lobby, it is the hotel lobby – so if you’re checking in, it’s dangerously easy to do it with a drink in hand. It also has a pretty unusual story to tell. Minimix is apparently a time machine constantly bouncing back and forth through time. That helps explain the decor: Victorian steampunk gear, British pop culture, and alien artwork, all gathered by a tribe of time-travelling mice. Alrighty then. As it’s a minibar, you can help yourself to drinks, including a mean Negroni and the hotel’s own brand of beer. But perhaps the best feature of this bar is the popcorn tap, which will keep you supplied with a steady stream of free popcorn throughout your visit.

Photo: @lo_etc

The offbeat vibes are in-keeping with the Megaro Hotel, one of London’s quirkiest hotels. It’s a difficult place to miss, given the bright and colourful exterior, and inside you’ll find rooms decorated by the likes of Diesel and Doc Martens. Minimix itself was the vision of celebrated British designer Henry Chebaane, who’s redesigned more than a few luxury spaces in his time. However, you don’t need to be a guest to drink here, so if you’re busy exploring King’s Cross, why not stop in for a drink?

Belgrove Street, Kings Cross, WC1H 8AB. Nearest station is King’s Cross St Pancras.

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