Join London’s Citywide Immersive Murder Mystery To Hunt Down A Killer

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Killing Steve

See the city whilst tracking down a killer in ‘Killing Steve’.

London is full of mysteries, such as “where did those parakeets come from?” and “where the bleeding hell is my bus?”. But arguably no mystery will provide as much entertainment as the newest offering from London-loving walking tour operators See Your City. They’ve launched an intriguing new outdoor murder mystery called Killing Steve (fab work on the name, guys), which will whisk you around the city as you track down a killer. Tickets are on sale here, and read on for more.

Killing Steve

There’s murder afoot here, as a body has been found floating in the Thames with a bullet hole in the chest (one assumes this is the unfortunate Steve). The police are out of leads, so before the killer slips away into the streets of London, they’ve called in a team of expert consultants to crack the case: you lot. Your search for the killer will take you all over town, as you interrogate witnesses loitering near London’s most famous landmarks and piece together the clues.

Killing Steve

Not only is Killing Steve a rollicking good time, it’s also the largest outdoor immersive theatre experience in London, which is quite the title to have. Furthermore, it’s an excellent way to quickly reacquaint yourself with the greatest city on Earth, although I’d advise you not to lose sight of the task at hand, lest a guilty person should escape justice. You’ll be able to choose you favoured detective style – reckon good cop, bad cop is worth a try? – and the entire experience is Covid-safe, so you can embark on the chase knowing you’re in good hands, and the killer will soon be in handcuffs. Get sleuthing!

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