Just 14 Pictures Of The Kew Gardens Orchid Festival Looking On Point

The multicoloured blooms of the Kew Gardens Orchid Festival are a glorious sight to see.

2019 has been a little grey so far, hasn’t it? Be thankful then, that this stunning flower festival has arrived to brighten up your day, right on Kew. The annual Orchid Festival has returned to Kew Gardens, and this year, it’s the dazzling diversity of Colombia that’s being celebrated through the medium of flowers. You can catch it until March 10th, but for now, here’s a peek inside this colourful carnival!

1. The orchid festival has set up in the Princess of Wales Conservatory.

Photo: @kewgardens

2. And people are pretty wild for it.

Photo: @ashbandicoot7

3. Kew’s team of horticulturalists have been hard at work setting things up.


4. And the results really are quite something.

Photo: @factory.floor

5. This cute sloth has been a winner on Instagram.

Photo: @bei.bei.wei

6. You’ll also spot a flower-filled spoonbill as part of the festival’s carnival of animals…


7. Whilst a jaguar stalks the undergrowth.

Photo: @charlotte_yogi

8. Colombia was an easy choice for this year’s festival: the country boasts over 4000 species of orchid.

Photo: @ourswitzerland

9. You’ll find floral tributes to Colombian landmarks, including a section heroing Caño Cristales (more commonly referred to as the Rainbow River).


10. Meanwhile, this golden display references the mythical city of El Dorado.

Photo: @kmann8

11. This stunning orchid tower has also been a highlight.

Photo: @willtai

12. Naturally, the festival has been a popular spot for the Instagram crowd.

Photo: @biabee_sariya

13. But the sights and smells are enough to entice anyone in!

Photo: @factory.floor

14. There’s still a month left, so why not head down?


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