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Kebab Queen Review London

Holy shish! We tried Kebab Queen, Covent Garden’s cheeky luxury restaurant that has the press huffing and puffing…

The launch of a pricy new kebab joint raised eyebrows recently, revealing a £60 menu that provoked ire from the Sun and sark from the Guardian.

Kebab Queen London

First things first: no, there actually isn’t a gold-encrusted mega-bab for £60 on the menu. At Kebab Queen, a cute little ‘fake takeaway’ in a Covent Garden basement, there’s instead a mouth-watering six-course tasting menu from a Michelin-starred chef, so already we’re talking something a bit more special. [See our guide to London’s quirkiest restaurants.]


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Hosted by the folks behind Le Bab, head chef Manu Canales (formerly of Le Gavroche) is on a self-proclaimed mission to push the kebab to the absolute limits – so we sent Kebab Taste Tester Jade Coles to check it out.


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The venue itself is a cute fake-take-away in a Covent Garden basement; diners sit around the kitchen and eat directly off a (fiercely heated) countertop. No plates, no problem – just don’t put your phone on it, or it’ll get quite upset.

The six-course menu is overall ‘super-rich’ and ‘amazing’, although wildly unsuitable for veggies, as ‘there’s only one vegetable in the whole thing – and that’s a leaf you stuff meat into.’ Dishes include a bite-sized foie gras kebab, a monkfish shish and a Doner risotto: ‘the dirtiest and yet most decadent thing I’ve eaten’ says Jade. The drinks pairing (another £45, I’m afraid!) comes recommended too, with an amazing red wine served with the duck, English sparkling wine, and port served from a truly umitous bottle. [Don’t miss: the best restaurants in Covent Garden]


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Sensational flavours aside: the low-lit subterranean vibes make this an experience better tasted than ‘grammed, and Jade also recommends a layered outfit as the place is ‘boiling hot’, and you may or may not pass out on the bus afterwards. Although what more would you expect from a boozy kebab feast, tbh?

Location: 4 Mercer Walk, Covent Garden, WC2H 9FA. See it on Google Maps.
Opening hours: One dinner service at 7.30pm, Fri-Sat-Sun.
Price: six course menu, £60, or with drinks pairing, £105.
More information: on their website.

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