This Interactive Play Simulates A Court Hearing – And The Audience Decide Its Ending

Justice Syndicate Gavel

This Bandersnatch-style theatre show simulates a courtroom scenario, and you, the audience, are the jurors.

Coming to Battersea Arts Centre on February 11, The Justice Syndicate is a unique play, created by Newcastle-based theatre company, Fanshen. Telling the story of a world-renown surgeon accused of a serious crime, the show follows Dr Simon Huxtable’s trial, and the audience acts as the jury. So, how will you vote?

Justice Syndicate jury meeting

Accurately reenacting a real-life courtroom scenario, the jury will have to come to an absolute decision. The audience, who effectively become part of the play, will be presented with evidence and various testimonies performed by actors. You’ll learn that the doctor’s surgery success rates in treating children are unparalleled and, if he’s convicted, planned operations will not take place. And the evidence is certainly not conclusive.

Justice Syndicate jury vote

The play explores our susceptibility to suggestion, as well as how we fill in gaps to reach decisions. There’ll be plenty of time to discuss and vote upon the verdict and, ultimately, the ending of this story is down to its audience.

You’ll catch The Justice Syndicate at the Battersea Arts Centre from February 11 to February 23, 2019. Tickets cost £12.50 (£10 for concessions) and you can purchase them here

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