Just When You Thought We’d Run Out Of Ideas, A Champagne-Puking Unicorn Arrives In London

Georgie Darling Georgie Darling

Just When You Thought We’d Run Out Of Ideas, A Champagne-Puking Unicorn Arrives In London

I know, I can’t believe no one thought of it yet, either.

London’s has had its fair share of unusual attractions. Remember the sexy Jeff Goldblum statue, the Whitechapel Fatberg and everything else that made headlines in 2018? Well, 2019 is determined not to be left behind – as spotted by the champagne-puking unicorn that’s heading to west London. And if you fancy trying it out (of course you do), we’ve got your tickets lined up here!

London’s very first unicorn of this type (more on that later) will be calling Journey home; a new internationally-inspired restaurant in Chelsea, where you’ll be taken on a two-hour immersive travel experience complete with four courses and four paired drinks. It comes from Lollipop, the team behind The Bunyadi (London’s naked restaurant) and ABQ (the Breaking Bad homage where you “cook” your own drinks) – so we’re expecting big things. 

You’ll need no passport or visa for this journey, but you’ll get to sample international cuisine as if you were jetting across the world. Designed with the help of Disappearing Dining Club, the food journeys you can tuck into include The Silk Road, which starts in China with a course and a tea cocktail, then continues to Pakistan and India, is followed by Persian food and drink, and will finish with sweet stuff and limoncello in The Mediterranean.

Alternatively, wander the paths of Castilla (Peru -> Mexico -> Spain -> The Philippines), The Eastern Block (The Baltics -> Poland -> Romania/Bulgaria -> Mother Russia), and The Raj (Great Britain -> Pakistan/India -> USA -> Kenya). Grab your tickets here if you fancy trying ’em!


Each dish will be served with a story, explaining the connection to the journey. But, needless to say, the journey wouldn’t be complete without the puking unicorn, which dispenses champagne upon being stroked. As all self-respecting unicorns should do, we think. Or, if that’s not your sort of thing, wander over to the Espresso Martini bar, called Chelsea Black – which, if Journey has plans to improve, could always do with an Espresso Martini-breathing dragon, IMO.

Location: 459 King’s Road, Chelsea, SW10 0LJ. Nearest stations are Fulham Broadway and Imperial Wharf. See it on Google Maps.
Opening hours: opens October 12th. 5pm-midnight (Tue to Thu), 12pm-midnight (Fri-Sun)
Price: £60 for four courses and four drinks – book them via Fever.
More information: from their website.

Find your tickets to Journey here.

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