Joe Wicks Is Donating All The Money From His Livestreamed PE Lessons To The NHS

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor

Joe Wicks NHS

The Body Coach is sending the money where it’s needed most.

Joe Wicks – better known by his nom de guerre The Body Coach – has already been doing brilliant things for the country with his daily P.E. lessons for school children. But now, he’s going one step further than being the nation’s P.E. teacher, and donating all the money from his livestreamed sessions to the NHS. (Featured image: @thebodycoach)

As Joe explains in a recent Twitter post, the advertising revenue he makes from people watching his videos has soared as more and more people tune into his daily workouts. With this surge of money coming in the midst of a public health crisis, he’s elected to direct the money to where it’s needed most, and send it on over to NHS trusts. So, next time you’re shaping up for a workout, remember that it’s not just helping your health and wellbeing – it’s also funding our invaluable public health service!

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