Jimmy Carr Has Launched A Daily Lockdown Quiz On Youtube

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Having accumulated quiz questions for years, Jimmy Carr is prepared to be your lockdown quiz master.

Now that we all have to stay inside, Jimmy Carr has cracked open his big bag of quiz questions to present The Little Tiny Quiz Of The Lockdown to viewers and players at home, keeping some of us entertained and the others stumped. Just like a true and proper pub quiz, minus the pub.

To play along, viewers at home only need to get onto Jimmy’s Youtube channel to hear the questions at 6pm and then once again at 8pm for the answers.

Each day one round will be played with each round consisting of ten questions. The first five questions are general knowledge and the second five are more ‘fun things’.

The daily segments are filled with Carr’s typical humour as well as some quite funny improvised moments like when he’s trying to figure out how many points to award for a multiple answer question. The only letdown is the lack of a public audience meaning we don’t get to see any Jimmy Carr heckler put-downs. 

To see what you missed out on yesterday, watch the 6pm clip here. And don’t forget to tune in to the channel at 6pm to test your knowledge. As Jimmy says, ”if you’re a bit bored, it might give you something to do”.

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