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Manze's Pie and Mash Cocktail Bar – Jellied Ell

There’s a pie ‘n’ mash shop in Walthamstow that turns into a cocktail bar after hours.

After a couple of successful stints, The Jellied Eel is returning to L Manze – the London pie shop of Grade II listed status. And this time it’s for good!

Launching its permanent residency on September 20, there thankfully won’t be a single jellied eel in sight. The boozer actually claims to be the UK’s first ever ‘cocktail and croquetas’ bar — and we don’t find that too hard to believe. (Photo: Peter Sigrist)

Photo: @jelliedeelbar

When the clock strikes 7pm, the shop will swap pies for partying; serving up unique cocktails such as blood orange margaritas and rhubarb negronis. There’ll also be a giant martini made for two, piled with olives or beetroot. As for the croquetas, you can expect all sorts of flavours ranging from the classic Jamón Ibérico, to British spinach and wild garlic or smoked eel and horseradish.

The colours indicate the different flavours. (Photo: @walthamstowfoodies)

Manze’s pie shop has stood on Walthamstow High Street since 1929, and it even boasts its very own blue badge, which makes it kind of a Big Deal. After hours, the dimly lit art deco interiors make for the ultimate quirky bar setting.

Photo: @darwen88

The bar will only open on Friday and Saturday nights, while Manze’s pie and mash shop resumes its regular business during the day.

Jellied Eel will open on Friday and Saturday nights, from 7pm–12am. You’ll find it at 76 High Street, Walthamstow, E17 7LD. Book here

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