Learn How To Work From Home Like A Boss With This Epic Virtual Event

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Learn How To Work From Home Like A Boss With This Epic Virtual Event

Learn how to navigate the rocky transition over to remote working with fellow product leaders.

This Thursday (May 14), JAM, event creators who have been empowering makers with their live conferences since 2015, are hosting a huge, global—and need we say, virtual—event that will help you to help your team through these choppy waters and into the plain sailing world of remote working.

Want to learn how to stay sane and productive during these uncertain times? Interested to hear how other product managers are effectively leading and communicating within their remote teams? If you’re looking for answers, then this event is for you.

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Promising “not just another livestream”, JAM’s virtual event will be fun and interactive, featuring live discussions with experienced remote product leaders and plenty of opportunities to network. You’ll get to hear candid stories from fellow remote workers, gain valuable advice on how to adapt your practices, and adopt concrete strategies to prepare for a longer-term shift to remote work. You’ll hear from leaders such as Gibson Biddle, Former VP Product at Netflix as well as Co-founder of JAM, Mathilde Leo.

So, if you’re looking to really kill it as a product manager or leader while working from home, we recommend purchasing your tickets via Fever. Book through us and you’ll get a massive 20% discount on the original ticket price.

👉 Get your tickets here.

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