So Jägerbomb Ice Cream Exists And It’s The Boozy Treat You’ve All Been Missing

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So Jägerbomb Ice Cream Exists And It’s The Boozy Treat You’ve All Been Missing

We’ve discovered a way that you might actually enjoy a Jägerbomb before 1am!

You know how people say “it’s not the gin you don’t like, it’s the tonic”? Well, it’s not the Jäger you don’t like, it’s the fact that you haven’t tried it in ice cream form…

Good Times Roll are hoping to reinvent the rolled ice cream concept and ultimately create the best ice cream experience in London. And they’ve done a pretty brilliant job so far!

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Forget boring, basic flavours — these guys roll up all sorts of incredible taste sensations that you’d never even imagine, including protein ice creams and their increasingly popular boozy ice creams. Perhaps the craziest of the bunch is the Jägerbomb ice cream, made with Red Bull and Jägermeister and served with a cheeky shot as an amuse-bouche. It’s not quite 3 for a fiver like the good old university days, but it might knock you off your feet just as well…

Good Times Roll began a year ago, when childhood friends Scott and Harry put their heads together to create something magical. With a shared love for ice cream, it was the only natural direction for the two of them.

It all started inside Scott’s parents’ conservatory and Harry’s mum’s shed in their Devonshire hometown, where they used to experiment with different flavours (many of which were inspired by their travels to South America one winter). Fast forward to now and they’ve landed themselves a jammy spot in front of one of London’s most iconic sites for the summer.

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As well as the frankly iconic Jägerbomb ice cream, there’s also Piña Colada, Caramel Brownie, Lemon and Beetroot and so much more!

You’ll find Good Times Roll at London Bridge City until September 1 as part of the Summer By The River Festival, but we don’t think that’ll be the last we see of them. 

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