This Lovely Town In Italy Has A Free Wine Fountain And You’re Not Dreaming

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman

This Lovely Town In Italy Has A Free Wine Fountain And You’re Not Dreaming

Free wine? Yes, please!

Caldari di Ortona in the Abruzzo district of Italy opened up its very own wine fountain a few years ago, and it’s been incredibly popular since. People from all over the world have stopped by over the years to glug a good glass of red from this fantastic fountain, and to us, it sounds like heaven.

It all started when Dora Sarchese Vineyard in Abruzzo decided to build the first-ever wine fountain in Italy. Abruzzo is an incredible part of Italy, located along the Eastern shore. Its stunning mountains and sandy beaches attracted plenty of tourists before the pandemic, and before the wine fountain was installed.

It’s not the first wine fountain in the world, but it’s the first to pour wine 24/7, so you could wander past at 3 am for a tipple if you so wished. Better yet, a glass of wine here won’t cost you anything during the week! On weekends you have to make a reservation to try the wine at the fountain, but there are comfy chairs and tables, and the most beautiful surroundings you could wish for.

After all, the wine fountain is within the actual vineyard, and this vineyard is along the route of a popular pilgrimage from Rome to a church in Ortona where Saint Thomas the Apostle’s bones are said to have been interred. The pilgrimage typically takes people around 16 days to complete, so you can see why this wine fountain near the final destination would be a welcome sight. You can find this hidden gem at Dora Sarchese Vineyard, 52 Strada Statale 538, Villa Caldari, and you can read about the varieties of wine produced at the vineyard on the website.

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