A Remote Scottish Island Is On The Lookout For New Residents

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A Remote Scottish Island Is On The Lookout For New Residents

Sick of city life after lockdown?

Sometimes we just need to get away from it all and breathe in the fresh island air. And this would certainly be a drastic change of scenery for us Londoners. [Featured Image: tiredoflondon, Flickr]

If an escape to the country is what you’re after, then this tiny, remote island might be just the place for you. You’ll need to pack your coats, mind! You might not get the heatwaves London has been experiencing in Scotland’s inner Hebrides. But, there are plenty of highland cattle and mountain goats!

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The Isle of Rum (I’d move there just for the name, to be honest) neighbours the Isle of Skye and has a surface area of just 8 miles. Rum is home to around 40 people, so you won’t have to worry about being disturbed by the hustle and bustle!

But one day it might up the noise, if it receives a surge of new inhabitants, which it is currently on the lookout for. Right now, Rum is looking for residents to move into four new eco-homes, which are in the process of being built as we speak. Each house has two-bedrooms, plus a beautiful view of Rum Cuillin mountain.

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On top of that, you’ll get a drastically reduced rent compared to the capital, as well as job opportunities in “childcare, food production, house maintenance, fish farming or marine and mountain tourism”.

If you’re desperate to get out of the city, the Isle of Rum might be for you. You can apply for this process, or find more information, by heading to the island community website.

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