London Is Officially The Most Instagrammable Capital City In The World

Julie Freeman Julie Freeman - Staff Writer

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Tell us something we didn’t already know.

In a totally unsurprising announcement, Bounce’s Capital Cities Index has crowned London the most Instagrammable capital city in the whole wide world (it comes even before Paris, which says a lot!). Last year, London was also ranked the overall best city in the world for 2021, so to say that we’re proud is an understatement.

Besides the obvious reasons, London won this competition due to its high number of hashtag mentions on Instagram. Our capital scored 151 million hashtags at the time of publication, which is over 130 million more than the average, and 31 million more than Paris, which has “only” 120 million hashtag mentions. In fact, the two cities are the only capitals which have surpassed 100 million hashtags on the entire platform. It’s not easy being this great.

Following London and Paris in the top 10 most Instagrammable capital cities are Jakarta, Moscow, Tokyo, Ankara, Berlin, Madrid, Singapore, and Amsterdam. The Capital Cities Index also rated the best capital cities to visit on holiday, which lists London in 39th place. Number 1 is Valletta in Malta, though we all know it really should be London as well. Factors in the ranking for best capital cities to visit were the average cost of a hotel, the price of a one-way ticket on local transport, the average temperature, average rainfall, and the number of attractions and restaurants. Definitely the rainfall that set us back…

But now, back to sharing our beautiful city on the ‘gram ❤️

Find the full rankings here.

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