An Immersive ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ Experience Arrives In London This Year

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Wolf of Wall Street

You’ll be running with the wolves at The Wolf of Wall Street.

Now, I would have thought the one-two punch of the financial crisis and austerity might have tempered our collective appetite for capitalism gone wild, but here we are. An immersive Wolf of Wall Street theatre production is heading to the West End this autumn, so you’d best warm up your dwarf-tossing arm. (We don’t know for sure, but please assume no actual dwarf-tossing will take place.)

Wolf of Wall Street
Photo: @immersivewolf

Inspired by the memoir of Jordan Belfort, and the Oscar-winning film of the same name, this Wolf of Wall Street sits in that murky zone of ‘immersive theatrical experience’ – so, somewhere between a stage show and an escape room. Billed as a “heart-racing production”, avid capitalists will be welcomed into Stratton Oakmont; a four-storey temple to money, power, and excess where you’ll most likely need to check your morals at the door.

What do we say to banking regulations? [Giphy]
You’re invited to join in, either as a money-grabbing member of Belfort’s team (indeed, Belfort himself has endorsed the project), or as an upright FBI agent helping to close the net. Exact details (a location, for instance) are still a little scarce, but a September 5th launch date has been given for the opening of this outrageous event. We’ll have more details closer to the time, but we aren’t expecting much subtlety – this is a wolf very much sans sheep’s clothing…

Find out more and keep an eye on developments on their website.

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