Introducing Catford’s Curious Immersive Experience • The Viewing at Ninth Life

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Introducing Catford’s Curious Immersive Experience • The Viewing at Ninth Life

Catford’s coolest experience has just celebrated its first birthday.

Two floors. Nine rooms. 60 minutes. One adventure. The Viewing at Ninth Life is an awesome escape room-inspired interactive theatre and gaming experience.

Ⓒ Ali Wright

Head to the up-and-coming area of Catford and you and your fellow adventurers will be greeted by ‘estate agents’ for a viewing of the flat above the pub. The story that follows is inspired by local rumours that this building sits on mysterious ley lines – said to be portals to other worlds, times and realities! So, as your viewing unfolds, the story takes an unexpected and otherworldly turn…

Ⓒ Ali Wright
The Viewing will lead you and your friends through a matrix of many rooms, where you will be faced with puzzles to solve, challenges to complete and prizes to win. And you can be sure to encounter some quirky characters along the way, helping you to navigate your journey down the rabbit hole…
Ⓒ Ali Wright

Slip back in time to a vintage gin palace, escape the evil machinations of a giant cat, or listen to the whisperings of the forest men… anything is possible once the portal is open! And when we say anything, we mean anything… even getting on the London property ladder!

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Ⓒ Ellen Richardson

This mesmerising adventure takes place on the upper floors of pub, ‘Ninth Life’ – a boutique, festival-inspired venue that brings fun vibes all year round. The name takes inspiration from local Catford ideology that if humans had nine lives like cats – the ninth would really need be the one that counted.

Ⓒ Ellen Richardson

Celebrating its first birthday this weekend, this vibrant venue values all things festival culture, and Ninth Life offers free entertainment five days a week. From poetry slams and art exhibitions, lip sync battles and craft markets, to graffiti festivals, outdoor cinema screenings and festival DJ takeovers. Oh, and amazing, immersive-theatre adventures, of course…

Ⓒ Ellen Richardson

Celebrate their fantastic first year by exploring this crazy, nine-room immersive adventure. It’s had five star ratings almost constantly since its launch, so you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a great time.

Plus, we hate to break it to you, but unlike cats, we don’t have nine chances – so this is the lifetime to go and try out this insane adventure!

👉 Book your tickets to The Viewing at Ninth Life here.

Practical information

'The Viewing' at Ninth Life
Tickets cost £25 per person and include a 60-minute game, a free shot and a
free drink, as well as prizes for those who win!
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