IKEA Are Launching A Vegan Version Of Their Infamous Meatballs

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Vegan meatballs

The dream becomes reality with IKEA’s vegan meatballs.

Londoners were obsessed with IKEA long before the lockdown hit, but when we all suddenly needed proper WFH setups at a moment’s notice (I too am extremely guilty of this), it became even more important to us. Since then, they’ve opened up their car parks for mass Eid prayers, become coronavirus testing sites for NHS workers, shown us how to make blanket forts, and released the super secret recipe for their famed meatballs. Now, they’re going a step further on the last of those, and making vegan meatballs for the very first time! [Featured image: IKEA, via Facebook]

As much a part of an IKEA trip as leaving with a Billy bookcase and cocktail glasses you’ll never use, IKEA’s most popular snack had previously only been available as meatballs, or veggie balls that frankly don’t quite live up to the meat version. Now, however, the homeware chain is confident enough in their plant-based bonafides that they’re releasing the Plant Balls – a plant-based meatball that aims to taste just like the real thing.

Using ingredients such as oats, potatoes, onion, apple, and yellow pea protein – with the likes of mushrooms, tomatoes, and roasted veg providing the umami hit – the Plant Balls have been engineered to look and taste as close to the meatballs as possible. Better still, all the ingredients are being sustainably sourced, to make the vegan meatballs extremely eco-friendly. You’ll be able to get your hands on them from August 3 in their bistros or Swedish food halls, but they won’t be in IKEA restaurants until October 26 – still, we’ve waited this long, so what’s another couple of months, eh?

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