Closed: London’s Ice Bar Is The Coolest Place In The City – BelowZero

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Closed: London’s Ice Bar Is The Coolest Place In The City – BelowZero

Update: his venue is now permanently closed.

Belowzero, London’s coolest bar, is the best place to be during this ungodly British summer.

We’re all desperately trying to make it through this blistering heatwave alive, but ice and fans are selling out at record speeds, and even the fans we have managed to get our hands on aren’t quite doing the trick. So there’s only one thing left to do! Head to London’s ice bar, because sub-zero temperatures have never sounded so appealing. (Particularly when you discover that you can get cocktails included with your ticket.)

Belowzero Ice Bar London. New design 2018 'London Land

Belowzero is the UK’s only permanent ice bar, keeping things a cool -5℃ all year round. To keep things fresh, they redesign the space each year, putting their team of artists to work to create an entirely new theme. This year, they’ve dedicated the bar to all things London, so get ready to see the world’s greatest city in a whole new light, with loads of cheeky nods to London life, including references to Banksy, Brexit, and Her Majesty The Queen.

The exciting news is that, if you purchase a ticket from our good friends at Fever, you’ll get entrance to the Ice Bar (plus two cocktails!) at the discounted price of just £19.50.


So let’s talk about these cocktails, shall we? Whilst you’re chilling in the frozen bit, you’ll get one spirit-based cocktail, such as a Garden of Eden with vodka, apple purée, apple juice and lemon juice, or a Subourbon with bourbon, passion fruit purée, lemon and cranberry juice. Then, when you’re back out in room temperatures, you’ll get to choose from a different list, featuring the likes of the Skull and Bones with rum, apricot liqueur, orgeat syrup, pineapple juice and lemon juice or the Mix & Matcha mocktail with matcha green tea syrup, fresh lemon juice and soda.

Location: 31-33 Heddon Street, Mayfair, W1B 4BN. See it on Google Maps.
Opening hours: Monday, 2:15pm–10:15pm. Tuesday to Thursday, 1:15pm–11pm. Sunday, 12pm–10:15pm.
Price: £19.50 for entry, plus two cocktails (one inside the ice bar, one in the warm bit). Tickets here.
More information: over on Fever.

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