Brand New Hydrogen Double Decker Buses Have Arrived In London For The First Time

Jack Saddler Jack Saddler - Staff Writer

Brand New Hydrogen Double Decker Buses Have Arrived In London For The First Time

Twenty new hydrogen buses across the city will help reduce emissions and noise pollution.

Mayor Sadiq Khan has taken to Perivale today to unveil London’s first ever hydrogen powered buses. These new models do not produce any exhaust fumes, while also providing a quieter journey. Instead of exhaust, the new vehicles, created by Wrightbus, run on water vapour.

Initially, there are twenty of these models in operation, all being used on the route 7 journey between East Acton and Oxford Circus. They will join the 500 strong group of buses that are now zero-emissions in the capital.

From 2023, the hydrogen used in buses is expected to be even better for the city’s carbon footprint, with energy slated to be provided by an offshore wind farm. Currently, the hydrogen used in the buses is produced from Air Liquide’s plant in Runcorn.

Sadiq Khan said: “We have made real progress in London to clean up our air but we still have a long way to go because toxic air pollution in our city is still leading to thousands of premature deaths every year and is stunting the growth of children’s lungs. As part of our world-leading ongoing efforts, I’m proud to announce England’s first hydrogen double decker buses, which don’t produce any harmful emissions, will now be put into service.

“Our investment in these hydrogen buses is not only helping us to clean up London’s air but is supporting jobs and local economics across the UK. This is a great demonstration of how tackling air pollution and the climate crisis and boosting economic growth is about regions working together, investing in the very latest technology.

“I’ve worked hard to ensure TfL’s entire core bus fleet across London now meets the ULEZ standards and this includes 500 electric buses. Our new investment in hydrogen buses will move us even closer to our ambition of making all London buses zero emission by 2030.”

In other news, Borough Market is opening on Sundays for the first time in its history.

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