How To Have The Ultimate Summer Picnic With San Miguel

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san miguel summer picnic

From snacks, to seating arrangements, to San Miguel beers – this is how you host a legendary summer picnic.

Nothing says summer like a picnic in the sun. Digging up some old blankets, packing your favourite snacks, finding that perfect spot in the sun and making the most of those long, hot days with your friends and family… It’s an easy way to create your own little slice of paradise! And this summer, San Miguel is on hand to make your picnics even richer – and not just by keeping you cool with refreshing beers! They’re sharing some of the best tips and tricks to help you host the kind of picnic parties that will have all your friends fondly reminiscing over them for many summers to come…

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The Drinks

When that heatwave hits, trust us, everybody will want to get their hands on a delicious, ice-cold San Miguel beer. So, be the host with the most and store your San Miguel drinks in a cool box to ensure maximum refreshment. No cool box? Fill up some bottles with water, put them in the freezer, and when they’re frozen you can pack them into a bag with your San Miguel to keep your beers chilled. Plus, when they eventually melt, you’ll also have plenty of water so you can stay hydrated in the heat!

san miguel summer picnic

The Food

Everyone’s picnic food favourites are sure to be different, but easy to eat foods will always be a win. Sandwiches, mini sausage rolls, cupcakes – any bitesize snack choice is ideal, and try to avoid anything too messy. If you’re a meats and cheeses kind of person, make sure you’re storing them in a cool box in a shady spot. And pack some fresh fruit, or salads, or fruit salad for when you fancy something refreshing and a bit healthy. Oh, and if you are on a health kick or fancy an alcohol-free option, don’t forget to bring some San Miguel 0,0 alcohol-free beer as your drink of choice!

san miguel summer picnic

The Scenery

Picking the perfect place for your picnic is almost as important as the picnic itself. Are you heading to the beach, wandering through the countryside, living out your Bridgerton fantasies outside Buckingham Palace, or just nabbing a seat on Hampstead Heath? Wherever you go try to select a location with good views, flat ground and a good balance of both sun and shade.

Don’t forget to leave your scenic spot as you found it – bring bags with you to pack up your rubbish and recycling. To cut down on plastic waste, make sure you buy San Miguel snap pack cans which use special glue to hold your cans together rather than plastic pack rings. Enjoy your San Miguel while saving the planet – nice!

san miguel summer picnic

The Seating Arrangements

Make sure you pack enough picnic blankets that your guests aren’t fighting each other for seats – seriously, if in doubt, pack one more. If you’ve got room in your car, or enough hands to carry them, cushions are a nice touch. They’ll make you feel both comfy and fancy! And if you have some of those fold up chairs lying around, bring them along too.

san miguel summer picnic

The Entertainment

Firstly, it’s a good idea to bring some bluetooth speakers along with you and put on a chilled summer soundtrack in the background. Secondly, you might also want to pack some games to keep your guests entertained. If your group is a sporty bunch, perhaps they’ll enjoy a game of frisbee, or rounders, or volleyball, or pétanque, or any other summer sport really. Or perhaps you’re not the most athletic bunch, in which case you could bring along some cards, board games or orchestrate a game of charades.

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The Miscellaneous Supplies

A good host packs for every eventuality and that is where the list of miscellaneous supplies comes in. Extra sunscreen – because someone always forgets and we don’t want anyone to burn now do we? On that note, an extra hat is a good idea too. Paper plates and cups can come in handy to serve your food and drink, and napkins, tissues, wet wipes and hand sanitiser are all absolutely essential.

And that’s it, those are all the very best tips and tricks to organising your spectacular summer day out with San Miguel. Now go forth and host the world’s most perfect picnic!

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