A ‘How Tinder Changed My Life’ Talk Is Coming To London

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How Tinder Changed My Life

Digital dating goes under the microscope in this engaging talk.

Dating apps have upended the way we look for love in the modern age. But do you feel like Tinder, Bumble, Hinge and the like are improving our chances of making a human connection, or a prime example of (to quote Johnny Lee) looking for love in all the wrong places? Well, this fascinating talk should help, as ‘How Tinder Changed My Life’ arrives in town on January 28th aiming to shed a little light on the matter – and you can find your tickets here.

How Tinder Changed My Life

With the dating revolution well under way, finding love now relies on snap judgements made from brief profiles, and the frankly addictive process of swiping through hundreds of people in one sitting. This talk invites three happy speakers to tell their stories of dating success, in conversation with evolutionary anthropologist Dr Anna Machin. As an expert in the anthropology of fatherhood and parental and romantic love, she’s perfectly placed to explore how digital dating is reshaping our attitudes to love.

How Tinder Changed My Life

You’ll get a better insight into the perils and pitfalls of dating apps, along with advice on how to increase your chances of a real human connection. If you’ve made finding The One a priority in 2020, then it’s not one you’ll want to miss!

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