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The House of Cinn

These cinnamon buns from House of Cinn taste good, smell good and most importantly, do good!

The House of Cinn are tackling homelessness one cinnamon bun at a time. They make a variety of delicious handmade buns, and the majority of their profits go towards helping rough sleepers get back on their feet. Their mission is to turn their baked goods into “acts of goodwill, by offering love, community and financial empowerment to those most in need.” After selling their buns via delivery in the UK, they have now opened their first physical shops in Selfridges London, Manchester, and Birmingham.

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Essentially, every time one of their cinnamon buns is purchased, money is raised to help a rough sleeper in the UK get the support they need to get off the streets. House of Cinn have managed to combine their passion for eating good with doing good and it’s such a wonderfully wholesome idea. This may not be the most conventional way of addressing the homelessness issue in the UK, but it is definitely one we can get behind.

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Through their partnership with the Street Cafe Charity, they have been able to build supportive communities and completely change the lives of hundreds of homeless people. 65% of their profits are reinvested into this amazing project and as a result, they have been able to create employment schemes and mentoring systems for rough sleepers all over Britain. Using buddy systems and back-to-work training, House of Cinn aims to help those benefitting from the system to become bakers, baking instructors, and retailers – as well as offering further support in future. And to get involved, all you have to do is buy some of their glorious buns – it’s a win win.

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Their cinnamon bun boxes start from £8.50 and come with two or four tasty treats. There’s The Classic (traditional cinn buns) and The Custom Box (filled with any buns of your choice). The flavours on offer are also to die for, you can choose between the classic cinnamon bun, cookies and cream, salted caramel and pecan, pistaschio & baklawa, or the lotus Biscoff buns – all of which are as good as they look!

If you want to help break the cycle of homelessness, this is definitely one way to do it. Find House of Cinn at Selfridges London, or head to their website, put in an order, and let the buns come straight to you.

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