These Extremely Extra Sweet Treats Are Coming To London This December

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House of Chimney Cakes

Just when we thought we’d exhausted all our Christmas weight gain ability, along comes the House of Chimney Cakes…

Santa may be coming down the chimney soon, but we’re more concerned about eating chimneys than watching them, to be honest. That’s because US import the House of Chimney Cakes, purveyors of smokestack-shaped treats, are flying over to the West End in just a few days time!

Everyday Birthday Cake. Photo:@houseofchimneycakes

A Chimney Cake, traditionally called Kürtöskalács, is the official dessert of Hungary; a delicious sweet bread is freshly baked to order, with a crispy crunchy outside and a light, fluffy dough in the middle. Cylindrical in shape and hollow in the centre, the treats resemble a hot chimney when they come fresh out the oven, and then the decorations begin.

Photo: @houseofchimneycakes

The cones are filled with a range of organic ingredients to start – from vanilla bean or Dutch chocolate ice cream to pineapple or strawberry Dole Whip (that’s a kind of American soft-serve ice cream, just FYI) for vegans.

Dole Whip. Photo: @houseofchimneycakes

If you’re a churro lover or a doughnut fanatic, then you’re basically a confirmed Chimney Cake addict already. House of Chimney Cakes was the idea of Hungarian-born fashion model and entrepreneur Szandra Szabó, who honoured her Eastern European roots by bringing the taste of her country to Anaheim, California. They’ve proven wildly popular, to the point where they’re now expanding across the globe – London is just the first of many planned openings in the UK, reportedly.

Oreo, Fruity Pebbles and Blueberry Sugar. Photo: @houseofchimneycakes

The best part about the Chimney Cake is that you can build your very own creation: choose from a range of ice cream flavours, select a cinnamon or vanilla glaze, or opt for a flavoured cone, before devouring your masterpiece with all the sauces and toppings you can handle.

Cookielicious. Photo: @houseofchimneycakes

Stay fruity and sweet with strawberry and gummy bears, indulge in an Hershey’s or M&M’s chocolatey heaven, keep it au natural with green tea sauce, or go wild with premium toppings such as brownies, cupcakes and caramel corn – the options, so far as we can tell, appear to be limitless.

Oreo Overload, Birthday Cake, and Tiramisu. Photo: @houseofchimneycakes

If all this choice is just a tad too much, choose one of their signature creations – from ‘Oreo Overload’ and ‘Cookielicious’ to ‘Everyday Birthday Cake’ and ‘All American Apple Pie’ – or if you’re starting to feel sick at just the thought of all these toppings, opt for the ‘O.G. Chimney Cake’, and enjoy your desert plain simply for the taste of the cake itself.

House of Chimney Cakes is slated to arrive on December 27th, pitching up just in time for the New Year. So forget your resolutions and cancel that gym membership, because it’s going to be a fine decade of sugary sweet indulgence…

Practical information

Opening 27 December 2019
Chimney Cakes start at $6.50 in California (so currently around £5).

Featured image: @reddyseteat

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