Hole-y Crap! Rainbow Beigels Have Arrived In London

Lucy Bloxham Lucy Bloxham

Hole-y Crap! Rainbow Beigels Have Arrived In London

When we were just beginning to think that London always gets the crumby end of food-craze deals…New York’s Rainbow Bagel frenzy has officially arrived! And they are going to make you want to s-cream (cheese) with excitement. Good one…

The beigel-off between Brick Lane’s two famous Jewish bakeries (the white one – Beigel Bake, and the yellow one – Beigel Shop) has been ongoing for years, and is certainly no secret to well-breaded Londoners. And having been, what it seems, neck and neck for quite some years now (there is always a huge queue outside both), Beigel Shop – the yellow one – may have just pulled this one out of the bag…as since introducing rainbow beigels it’s been struggling to keep up with demand.

These psychedelic circles of bliss have come over from the States (where else?)…more specifically, the Bagel Store in Brooklyn, which has in fact now closed indefinitely for renovations. The Beigels have the appearance of mystical unicorn poop, but apparently are made with “just a little bit of food colouring mixed with an awful lot of love.” The taste is similar to usual beigels with just a little bit of fruitiness! We know where will are going for a mid-morning (and afternoon…and evening…) snack!

Beigel Shop, 155 Brick Lane, E1 6SB

Featured Image Credit: TheBagelStore

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