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This Magical Restaurant Boasts London’s Largest Wine List • Hide

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From a fairytale staircase to the whimsical woodland dishes, Hide should be top of your wish-list.

One thing that the capital does better than any other is serve up a diverse selection of delectable grub. And for a London restaurant which marries carefully-crafted food with breathtaking interiors, look no further than Hide, a no-expenses-spared dream that’s sure to satisfy both your eyes and tastebuds. [Photos: @hide_restaurant]

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Chef extraordinaire, Ollie Dabbous, is positioned at the helm, steering Hide in a direction that blends the flavoursome with the magical. A labour of love, Dabbous even shut down his two existing restaurants (Fitzrovia hangout Barnyard and the eponymous Dabbous) to focus on this latest food adventure.

HIDE Ground Restaurant 1
[Photo: Joakim Blockstrom]
Spread over three floors, the restaurant features a specially designed Art Deco staircase that looks as though it crawled head-first out of a storybook. The whole thing is pretty damn impressive (rumour has it, the venture cost an eye-watering £20 million).

[@Joakim Blockstrom] HIDE Bar
[Photo: Joakim Blockstrom]
Taking up prime position overlooking London’s Green Park, the striking glass-fronted eatery has some pretty big backing in the form of local wine retailer Hedonism Wines. With 15 sommeliers on hand (and god knows how many Olympic-level runners on standby), Hide is ready to ferry any number of the 6,800 bottles on offer from their boutique to your table. This, ladies and gents, is a military-grade operation.

hide_restaurant •

And then we get to the food. This one is named Nest Egg. NEST EGG. Everyone needs themselves a Nest Egg.

Visually, this is the stuff of dreams. Taste-wise, things only seem to get better.


Is it a birds nest? Are we simply stranded in a meadow and all of this is merely a mirage? All we really know is our Instagram likes will be going through the roof.

Each floor has a dedicated menu. Ground serves up an a la carte menu for both lunch and dinner, as well as afternoon tea and breakfast. There’s also an open bakery that serves up a variety of freshly baked breads, cakes and viennoiseries.


Guests choosing to dine at Above, a dining experience based on the mezzanine level, can enjoy a tasting menu and set lunch, showcasing the very best seasonal ingredients. Alternatively, Below serves up an extensive selection of Hedonism’s finest and rarest spirits. It’s like a goldmine for drink enthusiasts. Oh, and don’t forget the plethora of cocktails on offer from Oskar Kinberg, such as the Adam & Eve, which blends Somerset cider brandy, Diplomatico Mantuano rum, fino, fig leaf, spices, lime, and clarified milk. Worth getting kicked out of Eden for, IMHO.


Yup, this stuff is basically modern art. It looks as though someone just raided our childhood dreams and created a restaurant.

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Well, I know where I’ll be choosing to Hide when things get tough…

Practical information

Opening hours: Mon-Fri, 7:30am - 1:00am; Sat, 9am–1am; Sun, 9am–11.30pm.
This is fairly high-end stuff: the set lunch is £48, for example, while the five-course tasting menu is £110 (with wine pairings from £80).