Join The Heist At This Interactive, Crime-Themed Club Experience

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Calling all outlaws and misfits… it’s time to plot and party!

The London underworld meets surreal nightclub in this crime-themed experience, featuring a briefing with London’s most notorious gang boss, a bank vault raid, and, if you’re unlucky (or outsmarted), a run-in with the justice system!


Nestled beside Finsbury Park lies a low profile nightclub known by London’s underworld as a meeting place for those courageous enough to enter this immersive clubbing experience…

Upon your arrival to The Heist Club, you are encouraged to explore, dance and relax. When the time is right, you will be approached by one of eight costumed characters who will act as your guide, helping you to start your rebellious adventure…


The venue’s owner, referred to as the King of Thieves, values discretion above all else. As a newcomer, you will have to earn the trust of regulars by taking part in a high-stakes plot. If successful, you can expect a night of unbridled joy and excess! But be warned, failure may result in an encounter with the Metropolitan Police force, or even worse – the venue owner himself.


Your guide will lead you into five hidden chambers within the venue. Each room contains characters (or creatures!) who you’ll have to interact, bargain and party with as you become a part of the story.

Enjoy your experience to the soundtrack of a concealed DJ, assisting your adventure as you boogie to the best House, Garage, UK Funk, Bass, DnB, and Electro Swing. Headlining will be the iconic DJ Hype, supported by Ekula, and a number of other Unstuck Resident DJs.

Photo: @lowprofilestudios1

Once you’ve completed all of the puzzle-like scenarios in your mission and exited the walk-through experience, toast the night’s successes with friends old and new, and continue the party into the early hours of the morning!

So what do you think: do you have what it takes to earn the trust of dodgy characters and get yourself out of tricky situations, all while keeping the party pumping?

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