These Are The Most Haunted Hotels In The UK – And You Can Actually Stay In Them

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These Are The Most Haunted Hotels In The UK – And You Can Actually Stay In Them

Spooky yourself silly this Halloween.

October 31 is the one time of the year that ghostly and sinister spirits unleash themselves on the world for – what we assume to be – one crazy night of spooking and stalking. But at these hotels, it’s a ghost fest all year round. From creepy baby sounds to sightings of scorned mothers and vengeful victims – these are the most haunted places to stay in the UK.

1. The Haunted Bedroom at Talliston

Credit: Airbnb

Where is it?📍 Great Dunmow, near Chelmsford.

What goes bump in the night? 👻  Charmingly decorated to reflect its spooky history, The Haunted Bedroom was once the bedroom of a seven-year-old Edwardian child – and guests have claimed that they encountered “unexplained smells and sounds” during their stay. Described as “not for the fainthearted” on its Airbnb description, the curious Airbnb is perfect for Halloween lovers, and despite being on the more spooky side, has racked up a ton of glowing reviews on the homestay website. With its dark, art nouveau-style decor, it’s definitely creepy as shit. Find out more here.

2. The Chamber Apartment

Credit: Airbnb

Where is it?📍 The haunted city of York.

What goes bump in the night? 👻  In addition to existing in what’s been named ‘the most haunted city in Europe’, The Chamber Apartment is well over 600 years old, meaning a fair few ghosts have been known to roam the halls over the years. Dubbed ‘The Madness Chamber’, the traditionally styled apartment has been known to have guests report spooky sightings during their stay, including creepy noises at 3am and even the sounds of ghostly babies in the night. Find out more here.

3. Coombe Abbey

Credit: Coombe Abbey Hotel

Where is it?📍 Binley, Warwickshire.

What goes bump in the night? 👻  A seriously old building founded way back in 1150 AD, Coombe Abbey Hotel has a rich (read: haunted) history. Home to many over the centuries – including monks, royals, the rich and the murdered – Coombe Abbey Hotel is now known as one of the most haunted hotels in the country, with a phantom named Geoffrey still wandering the premises. It’s said that Geoffrey regularly throws items around the hotel’s kitchen, and that poltergeists have even been caught on camera wandering the grounds. In addition to Geoffry, a young girl named Matilda is said to haunt the hotel, as well as a ghostly horseman and a creepy Victorian woman.

4. Lumley Castle

Credit: Lumley Castle

Where is it?📍 Chester-le-Street, County Durham.

What goes bump in the night? 👻  The 600-year-old Lumley Castle is a pretty magical experience, not just because of its medieval decor that screams ‘bygone era’, but also because of its ghoulish nature. Home to resident ghost, Lily, who’s been roaming the castle for centuries, guests have claimed to have spotted not only Lily – who was murdered there in the 14th century – but also a number of other apparitions floating around, too. If hearsay isn’t enough to convince you, Lumley Castle is officially acknowledged as the most haunted place in Country Durham, so, maybe sleep with one eye open if you stay.

5. Adelphi Hotel

Credit: The Adelphi Hotel

Where is it?📍 Liverpool.

What goes bump in the night? 👻  You may already be familiar with the Adelphi, particularly if you’re a fan of all things paranormal. Famously going viral not so long ago, guests have claimed to have sighted strange goings ons including sightings of “The Shining twins”, a young ghostly bell boy, a man from the ’30s who committed suicide in the hotel, and a sticky-fingered woman who’s been rumoured to go through guests belongs and even stroking male guests hair, before completely vanishing into thin air. Freaky.

6. Charlton House

Credit: Charlton House

Where is it?📍 Greenwich, London.

What goes bump in the night? 👻  One of the most haunted spots in the city of London, Charlton House has boasted many occupants over the years – almost all of which have reported ghostly sightings during their time there. And those sightings are still reported today. The main poltergeist appears to be the Grey Lady – who is mostly spotted carrying a baby when walking the premises. But it gets creepier than that. During restoration work, the team found an actual mummified baby in an old fireplace, and staff over the years have point blank refused to enter both the cellar and the attic due to spooking goings ons. Think you’d dare venture around alone here?

7. Jamaica Inn

Credit: Jamaica Inn

Where is it?📍 Bodmin Moor, Cornwall.

What goes bump in the night? 👻  Sitting high on Bodmin Moor, Jamaica Inn is probably one of the most famous haunted spots in Cornwall – so much so, they even run ghost hunting days especially for the curious. Throughout its history, many owners, guests and staff members have reported strange sightings, including a strange man in a tricorne hat and cloak and the ghost of a murdered local man who really just wanted to finish his pint. But its the ghostly sounds that have guests most freaked out – including the sound of conversations in old Cornish, the sound of horses’ hooves and the metal rims of wheels turning on the rough cobbles in the courtyard through the night, footsteps pacing the corridors and even the sound of trampling outside the bar area.

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