An All-Night (And All-Day) Harry Potter Movie Marathon Is Coming To London

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Get your PJs on and head to the Prince Charles Cinema for 21 hours of Hogwartian adventures.

This one’s for the hardcore Pot heads; the ones who are willing to lose sleep over the Harry Potter movies. And we mean that quite literally.

The Prince Charles Cinema, which you’ll find just off Leicester Square, is known for its epic movie marathons (such as last year’s sell-out all-night Disney movie marathon). But this is their longest one yet.

Showing all eight Harry Potter movies—from the Philosopher’s Stone right the way through to the Deathly Hallows pt. 2—the marathon will kick off at 20:30 and finish at 17:35 the following day. That’s 21 hours and 5 minutes of screen time, including a short 10 minute break (on average) between films. Do you think you can hack it?

Me trying to stay awake half way through the Philosopher’s Stone…

Feel free to pack your own snacks to keep you going, just make sure they’re not noisy or smelly. You can’t BYOB, but there will be a bar that promises to stay open until a reasonable time in the evening*.

Photo: @cpt.frantastic

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Though this marathon isn’t officially a Pyjama Party, PJs are definitely recommended. You’re going to be lazing around for 21 hours straight, so you’ll want to be comfy. By all means pack a small blanket and a pillow, too. Oh and a toothbrush! That’s an absolute game changer.

Make sure you stick around for the survivor’s photo! (If you survive, of course.)

There are two more Harry Potter Movie Marathons taking place this year: one on Sunday May 26 and another on Saturday July 27. Tickets will fly like the snitch, so get your hands on them stat.

Get your tickets here. ⚡️

If you don’t think you can hack the full 21 hours, the Prince Charles Cinema is also hosting a Harry Potter season, where each film will be showed in isolation. It starts on August 3 with Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, and you can get your tickets here.

*Some of the Prince Charles Cinema’s All-Night Marathons have late licenses, but not all of them (Westminster Council only allows a handful of applications for these a year). Send them an email and they’ll let you know the exact timings. See all their FAQs here

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