A New Harry Potter Exhibition With A Butterbeer Bar Has Arrived In London

Jack Saddler Jack Saddler - Staff Writer

A New Harry Potter Exhibition With A Butterbeer Bar Has Arrived In London

We’ll take the lot!

While we can’t give you the legitimate Hogwarts acceptance letter you’ve dreamed of since you can remember, we can point you to a pretty magical wizarding experience.

The Harry Potter Photographic Exhibition will whisk you faster than a portkey into a world of rare and exclusive from 10 years of filming the mammoth film franchise. It’s the first time the photo collection has ever been shown together in one place, and you’ll even be able to hit the Butterbeer bar (more on that later) straight after!

 Image: Harry Potter Photographic Exhibition

Fans will get to witness a new angle on their favourite iconic moments since the first film–which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year–such as Harry’s first ever journey to Hogwarts and the infamous battle of Hogwarts in the final movie.

Over in Covent Garden, this spellbinding Warner Bros. experience is open now, and promises a day of fun for muggles, witches and wizards alike.

 Image: Harry Potter Photographic Exhibition

On top of the exciting photographs on display, Potterheads are sure to go weak at the knees for the broomstick you can pose on for the Instagram. While it may not fly, we can’t rule out the trusty ol’ “Wingardium Leviosa” charm doing the trick. Either way, green screen technology is here to do the job for you, offering you a snap soaring over the London skies. Gotta admit, that’s pretty cool. You’ll even be offered Hogwarts robes and other props to make the final shoot perfect.

And yes, the UK’s only Butterbeer bar is on hand to give you some refreshment after taking it all in. You’ll be served the UK-brewed beverage in a souvenir tankard, or you could simply take a bottle home with you. Just remember not to have to many, mind, or security may have to disarm it with an Expelliarmus from your grips!

 Image: Harry Potter Photographic Exhibition

Then, upon your exit you’ll be able to hit the gift store to purchase some exclusive reminders of your day out. Just like Hogsmeade, eh?

Head to the exhibition’s website to book your space at The Harry Potter Photographic Exhibition. 

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