17 Haunting Halloween Parties In London In 2019

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Halloween parties

Chills, thrills, and spills await at these spooktacular Halloween parties.

You’ve got together the perfect Pennywise costume from your favourite London fancy dress shop, but you have absolutely no idea where to go and show it off. Well, you’re in luck, because we’ve found some smashing Halloween parties to put the fear into your night!

1. Rocky Horror Halloween Disco (November 1)

Halloween parties

We’re shivering with antici…pation for this one! Fans of the cult film aren’t going to want to miss out, particularly when your irrepressible hosts Third Girl and Orange Gina take control of proceedings. Expect singalongs, corsets, and more pelvis thrusting than you ever thought possible! Tickets are available here.

2. The Salem Witches Ball (October 26)

Halloween parties

Imagine the I Put A Spell On You scene from Hocus Pocus (and if you don’t know what I’m talking about, kindly educate yourself now) brought to life, and you’ll have something approaching The Salem Witches Ball. Wandering witches, tarot readings, giant bats, and a top-notch cover band combine for a night you won’t forget – and yes, there will be prizes for the best dressed! Find your tickets here.

3. 28 Floors Later (November 1)

Halloween parties

What do you do once you’ve successfully outrun the zombies? Celebrate with a kick-ass party, of course! Twenty-eight floors above the zombie-infested city, the survivors of the recent zombie apocalypse will gather to celebrate their survival – once they’ve had their antidote shot, of course. Handily, Artful Dodger managed to escape the plague too, and will be spinning out a garage set to drown out the chorus of “brainnnssss” from below. Get your tickets here.

4. Phobophobia 13 (October 25 – November 2)

Halloween parties

The London Bridge Experience had a little rummage around our nightmares and pulled out thirteen of the spookiest scares going for their Halloween extravaganza. If you don’t like clowns, insects, dentists, or living dolls, prepare to have the living bejesus scared out of you. Really, we’d expect nothing less from a place voted London’s top scare attraction – get your tickets here, if you dare.

5. Silence: An Immersive Murder Mystery (multiple dates)

Halloween parties

Your standard murder mystery is often a safe, classy affair, preferably undertaken with a glass of wine that never leaves your hand. Silence is rather different. A hideous murder has been committed, and you’ll need to join the Reverend Stanley Park to concoct potions, search the darkness for clues, and lay a vengeful spirit to rest – lest you become its next victim… Tickets can be found here.

6. Pirate Halloween Bottomless Brunch (November 2 & 3)

Halloween parties

What’s a Caribbean restaurant to do at Halloween? Well, Cottons have dipped into the Orlando Bloom back catalogue for their spooky offering, with a pirate-themed bottomless brunch that offers endless rum punch cocktails, dancehall and R&B tunes, and plenty of opportunity for sea shanties. Your tickets are available here.

7. Jack The Ripper Tour (October 26 & November 2)

Halloween parties

So, having covered pirates, zombies, witches, and Sweet Transvestites, it’s time to turn our attention to serial killers. Namely, London’s most famous serial killer, for a Jack the Ripper walking tour that’ll send shivers up your spine. Blending conspiracy theories and recent scientific investigations, it’ll help you piece together your own theory about the Ripper’s identity, as well as giving you a sleepless night. Grab your tickets here.

8. Stranger Things Halloween Experience (October 25)

Halloween parties

Now here’s a Halloween celebration that’s set to be Demogorgeous! Hawkins, Indiana has seen quite the share of horrors, and now they’re going to turn London Upside Down – expect costumed actors, crazy experiments, and a prosecco and waffle reception that will put you in Eleventh heaven. There’s even a ball pit, but beware, for strange creatures may be lurking in its depths… Tickets available here.

9-10. RIP(rosecco) Halloween Bottomless Brunch & American Horror Story Halloween Party (November 2)

Halloween parties

Ahh, camp. A time of woodland adventures, campfire singalongs, and hesitant first crushes, right? Not so at The Courtyard in Fulham, where they’re welcoming the new series of American Horror Story – Camp 1984 – with a terrifying camp/brunch experience that makes Friday the 13th look like a breeze. Seriously, it’s harder to run after a delicious brunch full of tacos, small plates, and bottomless drinks… Find your tickets here.

It’s actually two events for the price of one here, because if you’ve survived brunch, you can join the revelry at the evening party, which features gruesome blood bag cocktails. Come dressed as your favourite horror villain, and maybe you can turn the tables on the killer – tickets are available here.

11. Journey to the Underworld (multiple dates)

Halloween parties

What could be more Halloween than trip straight to Hell? This train is bound straight for the Underworld, and whilst there’s a delicious four course dinner to enjoy, you’ll also need to use your wits to escape a cadre of hellish characters and ensure you make a swift return to London – which, unless it’s rush hour on the Central line, probably can’t be confused with Hell. Get your tickets here.

12. 80s & 90s Halloween Party (November 2)

Halloween parties

Think horror films were better back in the 80s? In fact, think everything was better in the 80s? Number Six Bar has the solution, with retro Halloween vibes and throwback tunes aplenty – honestly, it’ll be a shock to the system when you tumble out the door and find yourself back in 2019! Tickets can be found here.

13. Halloween Boat Party (October 25)

Halloween parties

Out on the Thames, no-one can hear you scream… And you will be screaming aboard this ghostly ship, where the spirits dance the night away on the upper deck or lounging in the saloon. If you want to avoid them, we’d recommend the front deck, where dramatic views of London should distract you from the horrors on board. Find your tickets here.

14. Twisted Circus Halloween Festival (November 1)

Halloween parties

Circuses can be pretty terrifying places, what with all the clowns running around – and this one takes things up a notch in honour of Halloween. Death-defying stunts, roaming magicians, and a pounding soundtrack will turn Clapham Grand into a bewitching big top, and the popcorn and candy floss should keep you from a sugar crash. Find your tickets here.

15. Halloween Ball at the Mansion (October 26)

Halloween parties

Adding a bit of glamour to the spooks and scares is the Halloween Ball. A very swanky, but top secret, location will be filled with dancers, fire shows, clairvoyants, and even a graveyard, making for an unforgettable Halloween party. Meanwhile, a roving team of make-up artists will be transforming guests into creatures of the night, with the best-dressed winning a trip to New York! Tickets are available here.

16. The Plastics’ Halloween Immersive Dinner (October 25 – November 1)

Halloween parties

DUO London have hit upon a winner with their Mean Girls afternoon tea, so it’s no surprise that Halloween is getting a similarly fabulous makeover. This time, it’s an immersive three-course dinner, which also features magicians, themed cocktails, and what I imagine will be a fiercely contested best-dressed competition. Get your tickets here.

17. Dark Twisted Fantasy Halloween Party (October 31)

Halloween parties

Things are getting pretty twisted at DUO London, which promises a fantasy land filled with dark delights. Top DJs will have you up and dancing, and with plenty of surprises unfolding throughout the night, you can be sure of a memorable Halloween. Grab your tickets here.

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