The Natural History Museum Is Hosting Halloween Film Nights This Month

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We think these Halloween screenings will be whaley good fun.

In her year-and-a-bit tenure as the tenant of Hintze Hall, Hope the Whale has seen her fair share of visitors come and go. This month, however, she’ll see something rather spooky, as the Natural History Museum hosts a series of Halloween film screenings. Given that there are relatively few film screenings taking place beneath the 82-foot skeleton of a blue whale, we’re willing to bet that this is a pretty unique Halloween experience.

Natural History
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The museum has partnered with The Luna Cinema to show four films across October 28th & 29th, putting the thrills back into your Halloween. Kicking off the series is the terrifying The Blair Witch Project (7pm on the 28th), with the chilling Silence of the Lambs following at 9pm. On the 29th, comic relief comes from Ghostbusters (7pm), and the series concludes with The Shining at 9pm. By which time, both you and Hope will be suitably spooked.

Natural History
Photo: @ike_pineda

Quite the Night at the Museum, then. Every ticket gets you complimentary popcorn, and entry to the museum’s Life in the Dark exhibition – although you’ll need to use it on the day of the screening. It’s possibly the most intense Halloween film night in the city, so we’d definitely recommend a visit. If you can overcome your fear of starring in your own horror film when the exhibits start coming to life, of course…

Find out more and get tickets on their website.

Featured image: @hazel.parreno